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To flee an abusive relationship, Avery accepts a job as a fire lookout observer in the middle of the wilderness. 

Every morning, Avery leaves her small cabin and climbs a ninety foot tower so she can scout and report any signs of wildfire smoke to the emergency communication centre. 

The centre is operated by Ira and Shirley Stovic. They tell Avery that they are the only residents of a nearby ghost town. The Stovic's operate a helicopter and are responsible for investigating any reported smoke sightings. 

Avery’s lookout station is too far up in the wilderness to receive wifi or phone service. She is completely isolated from the outside world, but takes comfort in using her radio to communicate with Sarah, Brittany and Elise who each work in nearby lookout stations. 

After a few weeks, Avery’s dream job quickly turns into a nightmare when she begins to experience sinister occurrences. Avery contacts Sarah, Brittany and Elise to tell them what's been going on. She is shocked to find out that they have also been experiencing paranormal activity.

Avery radios Ira and Shirley to tell them she is quitting, but they decline her resignation and refuse to let her leave.  

She finally reaches her breaking point when she wakes to find the ghost of a burned and bloody woman looming over her. The ghost telepathically shows Avery a vision of how she died. 

In the vision, Avery learns that Ira and Shirley are leaders of the malicious brothers iii cult. They live in the nearby ghost town with a small group of deliverance-like followers and recruit three women annually as fire lookout observers.  At the end of every fire season, they hunt down and kill each woman as a sacrifice to their god Osiris. 

After discovering this, Avery hikes to Britany and Sarah’s towers, and together they form a plan of escape. 

Fire Lookout moves between a psychological tale and a preternatural story. The intention of this film is to explore trauma, isolation, and the resilience of the human spirit.